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Work vehicles vary significantly in terms of size, comfort, fuel economy, reliability, and safety. They also differ in terms of configuration. For instance, you will find that LDV G10 for sale QLD dealerships offer in either the traditional van or nine-seater builds.

The best fuel economy vehicles are typically smaller, weigh less, and are easy to drive around the city and on country roads. On the other hand, heavy work vehicles mean that you need to sacrifice on fuel-economy and manoeuvrability. So, what factors should you consider to pick the best utes, vans, and other work vehicles for sale for your requirements?

Cab size

Utes are versatile work vehicles which offer you the added advantages of carrying up to three passengers in the rear seats. Also, they provide additional interior storage for work tools you are not comfortable hauling in the back. Modern utes have four regular doors and a good-sized rear seating area to rival full-sized SUVs, and the rear end can easily carry items you would not want inside.


The open cargo bed of utes provides enough space for completing serious tasks, like moving motorcycles, transporting large appliances, and carrying outdoor-only cargo such as manure. These are chores you would not want to do with an SUV or a van.

If you are running a food or flower delivery service or you are a caterer, then you should be looking into vans for sale Gold Coast dealerships offer. These vans feature a covered bed that you can customise to protect delicate deliveries. Plus, the covered bed also provides you with an opportunity to advertise your business using quality prints and wraps on the exterior.

Interior customisation

An empty rectangular space is attractive for some, but the beauty of a cargo van, like an LDV G10 for sale QLD dealerships offer, is that you can transform the interior into whatever you require. Some people have gone the extra mile to make the interior space a mobile home, and while that is not what you need for your business, it is an example of the possibilities available.

Interior partitions and roof racks can help create separate areas, while lockers, drawers, shelves, and bins add storage capacity. If you are worried that the sharp corners on equipment will dent the walls, install interior liners. Use a non-stick mat to ensure that everything in that space stays in place.

As you can see, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Towing capacity

Some pickup trucks are designed for hauling utility trailers, campers, cars, and even boats. Before buying a ute for sale Brisbane dealerships offer, check the maximum weight it can carry or tow in the owner’s manual. You also have the option of asking the dealer or manufacturer to install towing equipment, or you can add it yourself by purchasing aftermarket parts.


Whether an LDV G10 for sale QLD dealerships offer is the right fit for your business, or a cargo van, ute, or SUV for that matter, the sales team at Brisbane City LDV is ready to help you out. Visit to book a test drive today.


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