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So, you’ve decided to take your health to the next level and seek the help of a personal trainer. You might have a lot of questions for your PT about how to improve your current fitness or maybe how to lose weight. You are eager, you are ready to learn, you have done extensive research on the fitness centre you’re joining and you know that you’re in the right place. But personal training, as the name suggests, is a very personal thing. In order to help achieve your goals, your personal trainer needs to know you (very well). So, what questions should they be asking you?

Do you have any health problems?

Whether you have diabetes or you suffer from chronic back pain, your personal trainer should make it their business to know about any existing health issues you have. This will help them avoid creating an exercise plan for you that will aggravate your pre-existing conditions.

How fit are you?

For many of us, it’s a daunting question. Your PT may or may not ask you this directly but they will definitely be sizing you up from day one. Knowing your fitness level allows them to create a fitness regime that will help you improve without risking injury or overtraining.

What are your fitness goals?

Perhaps, you’re really serious about your health and you’ve opted to work with elite personal trainers in Brisbane (like the team at Cutting Edge Performance Centre). Your PT knows you’re determined to get better but to get better at what exactly? Are you working towards endurance, flexibility, strength or weight loss? By knowing your goals, your trainer will be able to tailor a fitness plan that will help you work towards your goals more efficiently.

How will fitness change your life?

Making any kind of self-improvement is hard no matter how determined you may be. Becoming healthier and exchanging not-so-healthy habits for better ones is a challenge for anyone. So don’t be surprised if your PT one day asks you about how fitness will change your life. Most often, the biggest barrier to fitness is attitude. Your experienced PT knows this so they will help you realise how important your health is to you.

Your fitness journey is often life-changing, but it is also unique. It is up to your personal trainer to be inquisitive and know more about you. Any fitness professional will ask you about your relevant medical history, your fitness level, your fitness goals and how achieving fitness can change your life for the better. The more information they have about you, the better able they will be to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Has your trainer ever asked you something that surprised you or made you think?



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