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After being invited to a kitchen tea, there are probably very few functions that a man wants to go to less than a baby shower. For many, even funerals are more desirable. Quite simply, men are uncomfortable around babies, they are awkward with the notion of the responsibility that comes with them and they are terrified of things that are so small but so complicated at the same time. In short, most men feel horribly out of their element at a baby shower. Another reason what they feel so awkward is that they never seem to know what to bring with them as a gift. What is appropriate and what is not? Is it possible to buy the baby a gift that it will like? Is there an appropriate amount to spend? Here is a quick guide to some of these questions to help you make it through the function in one piece.

Is a gift important

The answer to this is most certainly ‘yes’. But it is also something that you really don’t need to over think. Just arrive with something. It can be something that the baby will wear or use. It can be something that will help the parents. It can be something for immediate use or an item that will become relevant in years to come. There really are no rules here, just know that when it comes to buying gifts for baby shower, you pretty much have a licence to get anything. Enjoy freedom.

How much to spend

Again, this is an area that is largely dependent on how well you know the family and your role in the baby’s life. If you are a work colleague of the parents, it really doesn’t need to be a big gift at all. If you are a Godparent, then you need to splash out a little more. It is also worth remembering that what you do for one child, you should also do for its siblings. In other words, you need to showing gifting equality within the same family. This is the sort of thing that is noticed by parents and talked about by siblings, so pay attention.

What is not appropriate

This is a baby that we are talking about so there is not really space for lewd or bawdy. But the reality is that whatever you bring as a gift needs to work for the parents as much as it does for the baby. When they are first born babies eat, sleep and soil their diapers. They don’t do much else. They certainly don’t care about what they wear, the colour of their room or the cash in their bank account. So, it is hard to offend a baby. It is possible however to offend a parent and this is important to remember when buying the gift. Their child will almost certainly be their most treasured possession, so be sensitive and gentle with your words and your gifts – if you do this it will be appreciated.

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