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  • Written by Karen Cole

It’s no secret that hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that when used correctly can help you in many facets of your life.

For many people - particularly during this year - you may need additional help in feeling positive and building hope towards your future. This is where Solution-Based Hypnotherapy, or Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, comes in. By working with a qualified hypnotherapist such as Sonia Devine from Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic, you can feel more at ease with changes you can make in your life.

What is Solution-Based Hypnotherapy?

Unlike traditional methods of therapy that may require you to dwell on past experiences or problems, solution-based hypnotherapy uses a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy to help you think positively on how you would like your present and future to be. Instead of focusing on what is causing you to seek therapy (the problem) it focuses on what you want to get out of your sessions (the solution).

It’s a collaborative process between you and your trusted hypnotherapist, designed to reduce stress and anxiety while rewiring your brain to build new patterns of behavior, ending the cycle of negative thinking. It is often noted that the well-researched strategies used in Solution-Based Hypnotherapy can induce positive change in a relatively short amount of time.

How does it differ from traditional hypnotherapy?

Also known as the ‘talking hypnotherapy’, Solution-Based Hypnotherapy uses an understanding of how the brain works in conjunction with hypnosis to elicit the best results. For instance, a hypnotherapist may ask you to describe how a recent positive experience made you feel and help you visualize the steps needed in getting to your goal. This process uses the Left Prefrontal Cortex, also known as the ‘intellectual brain’, where logic and reason can help you assess and decide the correct thing to do. This is part of where Solution-Based Hypnotherapy differs as you are retraining your brain to think of solutions, rather than spending time digging deep into your past problems.

What should I expect in a session of Solution-Based Hypnotherapy?

Solution-Based Hypnotherapy sessions, such as those provided at Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic, are a collaborative process between you and a certified hypnotherapist like Sonia Devine. The session will start off with the hypnotherapist asking about your past week and any positive things or changes that may have happened that will bring you closer to your goal. This discussion will also usually involve solution-focused questions to help you refine your ideal achievements. Your hypnotherapist may also talk to you about how certain parts of the brain work and how that relates to your experiences.

After the initial discussion, the hypnotherapist will likely induce you into a hypnotic state where suggestions can be put forward and you can reflect on what has just been talked through. In this state, it is typical for you to be naturally more receptive to ideas, helping you to readily absorb and consider any solutions or suggestions given to you by your hypnotherapist.

What sort of conditions does Solution-Based Hypnotherapy help?

Being an in-depth and straight-to-the-point type of hypnotherapy, Solution-Based Hypnotherapy is generally quite effective in a relatively short amount of time. The conditions that can best be treated by this kind of hypnotherapy are usually psychological problems such as anxiety, phobias, stress, low self-esteem and low self-confidence, leading to a more well-rounded and better functioning social, professional and personal lives.

Is Solution-Based Hypnotherapy for me?

We can all do with a bit of help from time to time. Having a professional like those at Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic to aid you in discovering the best version of yourself and eradicating any psychological processes that might be impeding you on this journey is a crucial step to anyone wanting to make long lasting change for themselves.

You don’t have to be suffering from anything like anxiety or phobias, you might just want a bit of extra support in reaching your goals in different areas of your life. So if you’re wanting to achieve your best in life, Solution-Based Hypnotherapy is for you!


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