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Safety in the construction business is of great concern one that should be addressed. Data from the Australian government put the number of worker fatalities at 15 percent in the construction industry in the last decade. While the annual deaths have been on the decline, the situation calls for more effort to be put in place to heighten site security. Safety on the job is a collective responsibility. Workers and developers have their roles to play. Height safety installation is an excellent place to begin the conversation.

The dangers posed by high rise developments call for proper safety mechanisms to be put in place. Workers are in danger of falling off construction sites, and risk injury if not lose their lives. This article seeks to point out some safety aspects that have to be considered to secure construction sites.

1) Safety Education

            Before any work can begin on the site, safety education should be offered. All operators on the site need to be aware of their responsibility for their safety and that of their colleagues. The safety education should include instructions on proper use of the equipment on the site, the response techniques as well as the first aid measures one can offer in case of an accident.

            Safety education brings the workers into a state of awareness of the risks that the construction job poses. They also understand their role in the safety mechanisms installed. In so doing, one safety aspect is addressed.

2) Installation of Proper Safety Equipment

            Australian construction authority provides a list of mandatory height safety installations that should be present in any site. The legal requirement serves as a basic expectation placed on all site developers.

            Having the safety aspects as an operating standard in the construction industry, helps project owners and site developers understand their responsibility on safety for the site. As a site owner or developer, you are thus aware of all safety matters you need to address.

3) Have a Proper Supervisory Team

            It should not be lost to anyone that more often than not, people are prone to forget or look for ways to avoid following safety procedures. In so doing, they increase their risk of being in harm’s way. It is critical to ensure that there is an enforcer of the safety procedures in the team.

            Supervisors ensure that the workers operate within the safety procedures set. It is their role to make sure that proper construction safety standards are put in place and that they are followed to the letter. As a project manager, therefore, you need to have in place people who can deliver on this mandate.

4) Incorporate Safety Innovations

            Safety innovations in the construction business come in the form of legislation or new safety techniques. While many may be opposed to any activity that seeks to increase legislation, it should not be lost to the developers or site owners that any legislative effort is meant to improve the safety standards in the industry.

            It is good practice for project owners to explore new ways of ensuring safety in the construction sites. This is the only way there is a guarantee that the industry works progressively and collectively to achieve the 100 percent accident-free goal.

5) Having Regular Safety Assessments Done

            You can only know if the safety measures put in place are functional through an assessment. The report from the evaluation shows of the trouble areas that need to be addressed as well as how effective the safety measures are. It is good practice to have this evaluation done regularly.

To many, heightening safety in construction sites is a cost they would rather not incur. However, any spend on securing a construction site is an investment in the prospects of the company. It is an investment you cannot do without.


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