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Just like every game nerds out there…

You want your buddies coming over now and then for exciting gameplays and cookies-munching. Yum!

But the big question is;

What multiplayer games are y’all sure to love?

Card games!

But, well… not all card games can keep you glued to the pad for long.

So what’s next?

These 7 addictive card games that keep your juices flowing non-stop.

And guess what?

I have just rounded them up below. You can also check here for other games such as star wars legion core set

Here we go;


It totally depends on your ability to count. That's all you need to play this game of sequence. In other words, you need some strategy and skill to create a stack of cards in numerical order. However, there are cards that keep the game interesting and are used to fight your enemies. The first player to get done with his own deck or card is officially the winner of the game.


The game box contains 162 cards, with a manual of instructions attached to it. These instructions spell out the different styles of play.

Moving on…


It's one that is usually funny and addictive. During the gameplay, a player holds up a card, and then the rest of the players checks up the word[s] on the cards, on their phones! For example, the description on the card might be "Search 'Love' in your WhatsApp or phone messages and read the result." You know there's going to be a stream of laughter and fun there.

It looks like Cards Against Humanity.

Another one…

  • Scabby Queen

Well, the aim is to avoid being landed with the dreaded Scabby Queen. Here, all the cards are Queen Cards.

The style of the game is that two players would have an equal distribution of the cards. After shuffling the deck, the first player begins by taking any pair of cards and dropping it on the table. The other one follows suit. The game goes on and on, till just one card remains. The player holding the remaining card is the loser.

While playing, however, the other players must not see your cards.


After seeing those classic movies of superheroes and villains, you sure don't want to be a villain. But here, you might have to be. The game is designed for you to build an evil lair as a villain, and lure in the adventurer. However, you might need to be smarter than the adventurer, else, he or she might defeat you first. Just twenty minutes is enough for the duration of the game, and it is played with at least two or four players.


Memes are one of the biggest social media sensations! We do love memes. They are funny pictures used by someone probably to make fun or drive a point. They are usually hilarious.

A meme card game? One player lays down a meme card, and others respond by laying down cards containing phrases that match the meme. The winner is chosen by the host player, on the basis of the funniest meme card.

We're not done yet…


If the kids can't play Cards Against Humanity, then they should play Kids Against Humanity. However, it doesn't feature sexually explicit words or swear words. It involves the words in the topic card. The words direct the course of the game.

The funniest answer of the topic card words wins the game! It definitely involves smart and funny kids.

The last one...


Marvel owns this one! You get to team up your favorite Marvel characters with a single aim of defeating your villain. You might have to choose between playing as a hero or preparing and equipping your heroes for the battle/preparing their recovery process. The game has an over 95% rating of Amazon customers, you should get one too!

And that's a wrap.


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