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  • Written by Ali Burhani

Email marketing is not as easy as it sounds, lots of email marketing campaigns are not able to generate the returns as expected. The most common failures of email marketing campaigns are mentioned below.

Poor quality of an email database.

Use of spam trigger words.

Mis-leading subject lines.

Low quality of HTML codes.

Excessive usage of links and images.

Email marketing mistakes not only cause you lots of dollars but also hinders your ability to reach your most engaged email subscribers. There is also a high chance that your emails are landing in the spam boxes due to a dirty email contact database. As said the most dreaded email marketing mistake is not cleaning an email list, let us understand the actual impact of dirty email database on the email marketing budget.

Majority of the leading email marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, Mailjet and many other charges you for the total number of the emails in your list. That means even if the email address in your list is invalid or not deliverable you will still pay email marketing cost for it.

There is no point of spending your email marketing budget behind the email database that will never reach the inboxes or ends up into the spam folder. Validating an email database with email validation tools like EmailChecker can save you a lot of email marketing cost by cleaning all the bad and harmful email addresses.

Here is the real-life example of how you can save on an average $240 a year from your email marketing campaigns just by validating your email database.

Let’s say you have 5000 email subscribers collected through various forms of email lead generation. The email marketing cost of mailing to all those 5000 email subscribers will be $75/month if you go for MailChimp standard plan.

Now $75/month for up to 5000 emails ain’t bad for using a leading email marketing tool like MailChimp. There are two questions here

  1. Why would you even consider cleaning your email list
  2. Cleaning an email list will reduce your number of total subscribers

It is the hard fact all the emails you collect starts to get decay from the very first point of its collection. The key reasons being the change in jobs, abandonment of email accounts and so on. You need to remove those email accounts are no longer active, because such kind of emails will never land into the inboxes and does not carry any value to your email marketing campaigns

Also, cleaning your email database will obviously lower the total counts of email subscribers but will bring better email engagement rates and lower bounces from your email campaigns. Always keep in mind that an email list needs to be qualitative and not quantitative in order to get maximum rewards from the campaigns.

After reading this I am sure you will be ready to cleanse your email marketing database. Let’s say out of 5000 email accounts 50% of the emails are bad and is removed by an email validation tool (Considering you have never cleaned your email list).

Now you will be left with 2500 email accounts that will be deliverable and cost you only $49/month. That means you will end up saving at least $25/month i.e. .$300 of saving a year on email marketing campaigns.

As your email list grows there will be a need to weed out emails that are only populating your mailing list and harms your sender's reputation as well as email marketing efforts. Validating an email database on a regular basis will make sure you get most out of your email subscribers by hitting the maximum number of inboxes from every email campaign.

Author Bio - Ali Burhani is an online marketing strategist and founder of Mufaddal InfoTech & Burhani Hosting that helps SaaS tools to grow their digital footprints through social media marketing and strategic link building.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels


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