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Modern technology does not stand still, and therefore there are programs to optimize work in the business segment. Software is indispensable for large companies, but small organizations will also notice changes in daily operations. One important area is e-signature. The technology is used in document workflow, significantly reducing the time for routine tasks.

Electronic signature software: characteristics and benefits

Electronic signature software is a cryptographic tool that allows you to save a lot of time and money. It can help confirm the authenticity of documents and the absence of errors in them. The advantages of the e-signature platform are the following ones:

  • * instant signing of documents and sending them to the counterparty, tax representatives;

  • possibility of participation in tenders on electronic platforms;

  • safety and confidentiality of information;

  • legal validity of the signed documents.

When using a digital signature you do not need to print out documents. They are formed and checked remotely. Also, employees or counterparties can make changes by certifying them with their signature. Now you don't have to wait for the contract to be checked by managers, legal department specialists and other authorized persons. This is problematic within an enterprise located in one building. If the departments are located in different parts of the city, the process can take several days. Now imagine that some clauses of the contract need to be amended. In such a case, the process will start from the beginning and the time for signing the document will increase several times. By using electronic signature software you will eliminate these inconveniences, which is good for business and relationships with customers.

Electronic signature software: functionality of software to simplify business processes

Software developers offer many programs with which you can use e-signature. All you have to do is to choose the best one to improve your workflow and business processes. One of the offers is Pandadoc. Based on the example of the program, consider what functionality is offered to users.

When choosing the software, not only the signing of the documentation is available. You and your employees will also be able to:

  • create commercial proposals and contracts, track their movement and execution remotely;

  • integrate the program with those applications that have long been used in your business;

  • create documentation of a certain type using predefined templates;

  • form price offers in the automatic mode, applying information from the goods catalog;

  • complement requests and other documents with feedback, video materials, taken from the content library;

  • make changes to the contract, and view corrections and additions left by the counterparty.

A big plus of Pandadoc is its adaptability to different types of devices. You can use the software on your computer or on a tablet or smartphone. This allows you to work wherever you want and stay up to date. It does not matter if you are in the office or on a trip. No processes will be suspended due to the lack of a signature on a document.

Pandadoc works with Google, Dropbox and other services. Thanks to this approach of the developers, you will be able to transfer the generated documents to the participants of the transaction without creating separate attachments or archives to send by e-mail.


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