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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in the number of people who realised that they’re just as effective working from home as in the office, saving time on commutes to and from work.

Take away the stress of driving to work and the world will be better, right? Wrong. There are so many people who are simply unable to cope working from home as they find themselves constantly at the desk, even after regular working hours.

If this is you, we have a couple of rules which you need to follow.

Start your day with a run 

Sedentarism is one of the biggest factors to combat when working from home. So many people just get out of bed and head straight to their workstations. It’s important that you prioritise exercise as your body needs to move to stay healthy.

Head out for a 30-minute jog every morning and hit the shower before you start the day. You’ll feel like a brand new person.

Plan your day realistically

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it’s important that you set yourself realistic targets on what you’d like to achieve during the day so that you can feel as if you’ve accomplished your goals for the day. 

Many people feel as if they need to work longer hours to justify the fact that they’re producing the same amount of work as they were in the office. This is where the lines start to blur between your work-life balance. 

Set clear targets, clear them off your to-do list and save them as a reference to go back to at the end of the week to see what you’ve achieved.

Take breaks away from your desk. Far away! 

Make a sandwich and head to the park for lunch and take in some fresh air or head out for a walk if you’re feeling tired. Eating at your office desk, regardless of how busy you are should be avoided!

Get dressed properly

If you love working in your pyjamas, it’s time to get out of your office chair and get dressed. It’s important that you create a mindset that there are boundaries between your work life and home life. You’ll also feel so much more productive and will most likely get more work done too.

By working in your PJs, you’re immediately failing at your first task for the day and the knock-on effect can lead to laziness.

Working long hours is not impressive 

If you’re one of those people who slog away long after the workday has ended and wear it as a badge of honor, then its time to take a look in the mirror. Some people may see it as that you’re unable to complete your workload during your set hours.

There is life outside of your work and its important that you maintain healthy relationships with the people closest to you.

Try not to snack 

If you were at the office, you’d most likely have a packed lunch which would be your sole meal of the day until you get home. Now that you’re at home, its so easy to head to the cupboards and grab a biscuit, eat a handful of chips or drink 5 cups of coffee. I mean, whos there to judge you right?

However, you’re no longer walking to and from your car, heading up the staircase at work or heading across the office to speak to your work buddy. Your movement is less, which means you’re eating more calories than what you’re burning.

If you are going to snack, go healthy by eating brain food such as nuts and veggie sticks.

Working from home is a challenge, but the more boundaries you set for yourself, the easier it gets.


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