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Before hiring movers to carry your stuff, you should ask them what "things movers won't move" are. The following is a list of objects that moving companies do not allow their vehicles to transport. 

Despite their best efforts in packing, transportation, and delivery, cheap removalists Brisbane will not load or carry certain things due to safety concerns, legal restrictions, or practical issues.

What Movers Will Not Transport—8 Things

Movers will not transport the following things for a variety of reasons.

  1. Hazardous materials.

Dangerous substances are inherently harmful to people, ecosystems, and property. To safeguard their customers' safety, movers rigorously prohibit carrying specific objects and closely enforce all applicable safety standards.

  1. Flammable liquids.

When easily combustible liquids are exposed to heat or sparks, they can spontaneously ignite. Removers avoid handling flammable liquids because of their instability and the risk of mishaps during transportation. These liquids contain various chemicals, including diesel fuel, gasoline, and alcohol-based solutions. 

Flammable liquids can cause various problems, including explosions, fires, and the emission of toxic gases. Combustible liquids have been removed from the commodities that moving companies can transport, ensuring a safe and efficient moving experience. This guarantees the safety of their employees, customers, and property.

  1. Initial Eats

Perishable goods have a short shelf life and deteriorate very quickly. Professional house movers will not transport perishable objects such as food, open food containers, or frozen products. We made this decision after carefully assessing the hazards of transporting perishable items. 

If the temperature changes while these goods are being carried, they may spoil, create unpleasant odors, leak, and cause a mess that could damage other items.

Furthermore, pests such as rats and insects may be drawn to perishable commodities, particularly during transportation, for hours or even days. Not only is this hazardous to people's health, but it also harms other things in transit. 

To ensure a problem-free and smooth moving experience, movers prioritize the safety and sanitation of their employees' and clients' belongings by removing perishable foods from the list of items that can be transferred.

  1. Plants that shine.

Most moving firms will not even touch living plants, outdoor and indoor vegetation. The decision was made because moving vehicles does not create an environment conducive to plant health during transportation. 

Temperature variations and a lack of sunlight create an adverse environment for plants in these vehicles. Furthermore, the physical stress of the move may cause plants to suffer or wilt. To ensure the health of your plants, you should plan for their transportation ahead of time, whether in your vehicle or by hiring professional plant movers.

  1. Creatures 

Moving firms usually do not handle pet relocations. Animals have complicated needs and can become stressed during a transfer. Therefore, this is true. Temperature changes, loud noises, and unusual environments in moving trucks can all cause significant distress for pets. 

Professional movers prioritize the safety of their clients and their valuables. To ensure your pets' safety and comfort throughout the move, drive them yourself or use a professional pet relocation service. This will make the transition for your pet dogs much more accessible.

  1. Records of individuals

Even though movers can transmit crucial documents like passports, identification, court paperwork, and medical records, you should maintain them in your possession. Because of their monetary value, these can be included in the list of items that movers refuse to transfer. 

Having them on hand allows convenient access and protects against potential damage or loss while in transit. In the event of an emergency or relocation, these documents frequently include critical information that must be available. 

  1. Worthwhile and meaningful items

Movers are prohibited from transporting particular objects, such as those with significant sentimental value or personal worth. It is still a good idea even if movers can handle most of the work, including sentimental photos, valuable souvenirs, and valued family antiques. 

Because they frequently contain valuable personal memories, keeping these belongings with you during the relocation is safer. This will assure their safety and reduce the risk of damage or loss.

  1. Invaluable Relics (Money and Jewels)

When you move, you must take your valuables with you. Due to their high worth, movers are immune to responsibility claims for loss or damage.

Money: Most relocation agencies do not cover valuables like cash, coins, or currency. Because of the hazards involved, it is prudent to retain such precious assets. 

These things are prone to disappearing during a relocation, making it difficult to locate them or offer evidence that they vanished. Carrying them or making plans for safe transportation should be your first responsibility to safeguard their safety.

Although movers can safely transport priceless diamonds, many believe they will not bother owing to the high cost. Because of its monetary and personal importance, jewelry requires extra care when packing and shipping. 

Wear valuables or store them in a secure container to ensure their safety throughout the trip; this is a more personal approach. Because this procedure reduces the possibility of damage or loss, your valuable jewelry will arrive in perfect shape at your new house.

To summarize.

Finally, it is critical to understand which goods the Removalists Sydney will not transport to ensure a smooth and fast relocation. Understanding these constraints will allow you to design solutions to protect your things while expediting relocation. 

So, feel free to ask your selected moving company any questions you may have regarding what they can and cannot carry. Proper planning and coordination can solve these challenges, and a seamless moving experience can be achieved.


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