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How rebranding led to a 400% revenue increase in 6 months for this marketing agency

The Certainty Principle recently rebranded in July 2016 after launching a range of new and unique service offerings to meet the changing needs of their clients. It was clear that their previous brand, ‘Bloke’ no longer reflected their innovative and full service offering. This change has been very successful, resulting in an appointment of 20 new clients and a 400% revenue increase in just six months.


Bloke was co-founded in 2011 by Matt Daunt, Tim Bloore and Mike O’Rourke, with the name of the agency being a combination of Tim and Mike’s surnames. The co-founders had formerly worked within independent agencies, each having over 25 years of experience in the advertising industry.


The directors were seeing a real shift in their clients’ requirements and it became evident the traditional agency model was not meeting their needs. Over a six month period, the team completely re-invented the delivery of the agency’s processes and services to provide their clients with what they were looking for – increased ROI with diminished budgets. Bloke was then rebranded to The Certainty Principle, a dynamic, agile and forward thinking company who understand the need to be constantly changing and meeting the market’s needs.


Our clients were needing greater marketing certainty and a better understanding of return on investment. Many businesses lack a comprehensive view of how their business objectives are being met through marketing, and that’s where we come in. We aim to offer clients a more cost-effective and results-driven approach to marketing, design, creative and digital by using an evidence-based data rich approach to each campaign,” says Matt.


The Certainty Principle is an independent, End-to-End Creative Marketing Solution Agency. Rather than hiring a marketing assistant, businesses can simply outsource many of these functions to the agency while access compelling strategic and creative executions and streamlining the whole marketing process. While clients enjoy significant cost benefits, it also enables The Certainty Principle to be completely aligned with their business’ objectives, providing greater ROI and have more effective communication across all channels.


The agency also provide a sophisticated real-time dashboard where the results of any marketing initiative can be seen and responded to with real agility. It also includes a predictive modelling feature which allows clients to see the effect of their Cost-to-Acquire, should they decide to change the channel mix and reallocate budget accordingly. The Certainty Principle has also developed a powerful lead generation program for B2B clients, providing a pre-determined number of qualified leads at a fixed cost.


The agency’s current clientele includes the Australian National Maritime Museum, Connect Hearing, Coco Joy Coconut Water and Landcare NSW.


In the future, we hope to continue fulfilling the needs and expectations of all our clients. Our agency is designed to evolve as change occurs, with one of our key brand values being agility. We believe we will always be successful if we remain focussed on achieving our clients’ business objectives and help give them a greater certainty of return,” says Matt.


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Marketing is well-known for being one of the most difficult areas to measure. Business owners are often met with uncertainty when they question, ‘What will be the ROI for this activity?’. Sydney-based marketing agency The Certainty Principle provides a solution to this problem. It is an independent, end-to-end, creative marketing solution agency. It streamlines the marketing process by offering compelling strategic and creative executions and media buying capabilities across all channels.


The Certainty Principle, formerly ‘Bloke’, was founded by CEO Matt Daunt, Innovations Director Tim Bloore and Executive Creative Director Mike O’Rourke. The highly knowledgeable and successful team has over 60 years’ combined experience.


The idea for our agency came from our clients’ need for greater assurance in their investments and a better understanding of their returns,” says Matt. “Many businesses lack a comprehensive view of how their business objectives are being met through marketing, and that’s where we come in. We aim to offer clients a more cost-effective and results-driven approach to marketing, design, creative and digital by using an evidence-based approach to each campaign.”


The Certainty Principle provides clients with a wide range of services, including brand development, digital marketing, creative advertising, influencer marketing and packaging design. The agency prides itself on its agility in working across both traditional media and emerging digital platforms, ensuring maximum engagement with audiences.


As a way to ensure total visibility across all aspects of campaign performance, The Certainty Principle offers clients access to a unique ROI (Return on Investment) dashboard. The ‘Dashboard of Certainty’ is cloud-based and works with any existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing a real-time overview of the marketing activity being undertaken for the client across all channels. The dashboard also includes a predictive modelling feature which gives clients the ability to see in real-time the effects of potential alterations to their spending.


The Certainty Principle combines client data with their own research, resulting in new insights which guide the creative process. Consistent updates are made to each campaign strategy through continuous performance analysis.


The Certainty Principle has also created an innovative lead generation model called Activation Program. Unlike conventional lead generation, the Activation Program offers a fixed price for an agreed upon volume target. The agency build a range of campaign materials to enhance the messaging and promote the call-to-action which includes EDMs, direct mail and banner ads to drive traffic to a specific online landing page. The Activation Program is suitable for businesses of all sizes.



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