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Increasingly it is possible to make online payments using a wide variety of gadgets. However smaller banks may not allow their account holders access to these latest technologies, since incorporating them is expensive and increases the risk of fraud. Hence many people in Australia are interested in opening a bank account with ANZ bank, one of the largest banks in Australia, which uses the latest technologies. One of account formats which is available is the Access Advantage. Since it carries a monthly fee of $5 in some cases, the user would like to get more details of ANZ Access Advantage - is it worth it. To view fuel details, we recommend viewing -

The Access Advantage account is ideally suited for those who like using the latest gadgets and technologies since it is compatible with the different gadget payment options from the top tech companies like Samsung, Google, Garmin, Fitbit and Apple. It also offers internet banking, so customers can check their bank balance, and also make transactions conveniently using their computer, smartphone, tablet or similar gadget, they do not have to visit the bank. Each customer will get a Visa debit card, with paywave feature, allowing the customer to make payments only by waving the debit card.

Though a fee of $5 is charged monthly for the Access Advantage type account if the monthly deposits are less than $2000, customers should be aware that it this monthly fee is waived by ANZ bank in many cases. No monthly fee has to be paid if the age of the bank account holder is less than 25 years or more than 60 years, making it ideal for students and retired people. Similarly no fee is to be paid for those who receive disability pension from Centrelink. Similarly customers who already have deposits of $50,000 with ANZ bank, do not have to pay any monthly fee. Hence this account is ideal for well off people with fixed deposits or having a good monthly income.

Though Access Advantage incorporates the latest technologies, account security is a major consideration for customers who do not want their hard earned money to be stolen by hackers. ANZ ensures that each savings account has Falcon fraud monitoring all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to prevent any unauthorized transactions. The account can be opened conveniently online, and no initial deposit is required for the account. The Visa debit card for the account can also be used for EFTPOS and ATM payments. Cheque book facility is also available for customers, and they can get assistance on phone from the bank. Hence this account is ideal for those who are using the latest banking technologies.


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