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Today we have tens of Cryptocurrency apps being launched in the market every day. The huge number of people investing in cryptocurrency brings about the surge. There are many apps and cryptocurrency portfolios in the market. It is very easy to download the wrong one or invest via some, which will not benefit your venture.

Choosing the right app will guide any beginner to have a successful cryptocurrency venture and ensure the entire process is easy for you. helps you understand the best apps you should download.


CoinBase is one of the best cryptocurrency apps. It has several options where one may choose to trade different cryptocurrencies on the App, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, to mention a few.

CoinBase is especially beneficial to amateur traders because it’s an easy-to-use mobile app. Download the free app on Android and iOS. It also has a user-friendly interface which is highly intuitive and helpful for new users who have basic trading skills. It also helps the users manage all their trades from the dashboard and even rewards some coins.


The eToro platform offers a very easy platform to trade cryptocurrencies. It relies heavily on short-term trading more than on long-term trading methods. The App has various valuable strategic data from the most successful online traders using the eToro, and it helps you make informed decisions while trading.

The App is more attractive and competitive compared to other paid competitors. One will not own any cryptocurrency they trade until they cash it out, which is common among several leading trading platforms. eToro is free for download on iOS and Android platforms.


It’s a very helpful app for beginners looking to venture into cryptocurrency. It offers a small learning curve to ensure amateur traders learn everything they need to know in the crypto trading world. The App is the best, considering it supports over 7,000 cryptocurrencies offering traders a high number of trading options.

Their apps are free for download on both iOS and Android, and you can access your App on different devices from wherever you are. You will also have access to your trade history, the status of your investments, trades, and asset locations.


Gemini was founded in the United States, and it’s one of the best cryptocurrency apps we currently have in the market. It’s a well-established digital asset exchange popularly known for having a top-notch security system. Since it was established, it has never had even a single incidence of hacking. The App is also registered and regulated by authorities in America.

The App helps traders to have several cryptocurrencies, and as a result, many traders from across the world praise it for its reliability. They have very useful features that make the App more than just a trading app. You can download the app for free from either Android or iOS.


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