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  • Written by Keith Jacobs

Queensland has experienced another wet, hot summer, and in Brisbane, this means populations of pest species will be booming. For many pests, summer is their most active season. And the hotter it gets, the faster they breed. 

However, consecutive La Niña weather systems have changed the usual activity of some pests as they respond to the damp conditions. In fact, hot, moist environments are favoured by a variety of pesky pests. And with numbers exploding, residents may notice that their pest problems last well into the winter season.

What kind of pests are booming?

Brisbane’s unique climate means pest control is a part of life for residents. However, certain species thrive in hot, moist environments. Here are three that Brisbane residents may notice in greater numbers than usual.


Wetter summers have meant an increase in soil moisture in Brisbane – and this has led to an explosion in termite activity. Where drought conditions impact food supply, extremely moist conditions allow termites to burrow and feed on timber more easily. Moist conditions also increase the survival of termite eggs and nymphs, allowing colonies to grow more rapidly.

Termites are attracted to damp spots in and around a property and can cause significant and extremely expensive structural damage to timber homes. To prevent infestation, it’s important to deal with drainage issues, plumbing leaks including those behind walls, ventilation and condensation issues in enclosed spaces, and to ensure that garden landscaping is well maintained. 


Warm summers typically see an increase in spider activity. However, some Brisbane residents have noticed ‘hatching events’ occurring in their homes. Professor Donald Sands from The University of Queensland’s School of the Environment says this is probably due to heavy rainfall which causes spiders to seek shelter inside. Hot, moist weather also increases the food supply for spiders, allowing them to thrive.

While most spiders pose no threat to humans, Brisbane residents should keep an eye out for redback spiders and funnel-web spiders. For effective spider control, Brisbane residents should seek professional pest eradication services.


Cockroaches are also taking advantage of Brisbane’s hot, wet summer. Their preference for dark, humid environments means they’re often found under sinks and in kitchen cupboards. They’re also attracted to the warmth of appliance motors so can congregate under fridges. And while cockroaches are an inconvenience within the home, more concerning is their ability to spread harmful diseases. 

A proactive approach to pest control is the best way to stop infestations from occurring. For effective solutions, engage professional pest services in Brisbane sooner rather than later.

About the author

Keith Jacobs is fully licensed pest management services professional with over a decade’s experience protecting homeowners and commercial operators from pest incursions. An expert in diagnosing risk, planning and executing pest management strategies for property investors and owners, Keith is always happy to share his insights and knowledge of current pest challenges and best control methods. Find out more about Keith here.



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