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Although much of the world's attention over tech development has focused on events in Silicon Valley and the economic powerhouse that is China, recent new stories have illustrated the fact that Australia is quickly catching up in this hugely lucrative industry.


Malcolm Turnbull's recent $1 billion plan for Australian tech companies created many headlines. And although such an investment is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the spending plans of many tech giants, it does signal a way for Australia's growing range of software developers, mobile casinos and employment agencies to find a place in the rapidly-changing global terrain.


Key players



Several Australian brands have already made their presence felt on the global tech scene thanks to sheer innovation. The Atlassian software enterprise group has had an incredibly successful few years in providing digital solutions for many multinational brands such as Visa, Samsung and Macy's with its software that includes collaboration tools and issue tracking applications.


Whereas the Freelancer employment outsourcing resource has already illustrated how Turnbull's investment will aid the company in 2016, but has also pointed out that such rapidly-growing companies will require extra support if they are to stay based in Australia in the future.


Mobile innovation



As the technological revolution has allowed just about anybody to create their own business empire, Australian brands such as BigCommerce have been instrumental in providing digital shopping basket opportunities that allow consumers to browse and purchase products either on their desktop or mobile device.


And Australia's mobile gaming community has also felt the benefit of homegrown tech industries with brands such as Big World catering to the rise of massively multiplayer online games, and Lucky Nugget Casino proving that traditional casino games can be easier to play on a mobile thanks to their innovative and stylish gaming interface.


Digital development



Other Australian brands have succeeded in finding niche areas of the digital world to specialise in. These include companies like Atmail who provide simple and stylish email solutions for service providers from their base in Queensland. Whereas the New South Wales tech firm Bulletproof have enjoyed similar success thanks to their cloud-based service software.


And finally, just to illustrate the fact that Australian companies can create beautiful and functional tech, there's the Sydney-based brand Canva who specialise in helping all of us easily create elegant and stylish digital documents with unsurpassed ease.


So from mobile casinos to workforce solutions to cloud-based software, it seems like 2016 is looking bright for Australia's tech companies.



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