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  • Written by James Smith

Electricity is now fueling industries of today. A business needs to have a nonstop supply of power to function correctly and to its maximal. Even an hour of interruption in power transmission can lead to damage in productivity. Therefore, careful people always have a backup generator in case the electric grid fails to deliver. Emergency power supplies save the day when there's a blackout or power outage. Diesel engines are the most efficient backup power solutions for big industries. Invented by its German namesake, this late-19th-century creation works on the principle of compression-ignition. The mechanics of a gasoline engine are no mystery. They operate on the principle of internal-combustion. But Diesel generators use compressed air for burning fuel (i.e., diesel). Therefore, they get used in situations where you need a continuous power supply and an uninterrupted system operation. There are numerous industries which employ the use of diesel engines:

  • Medical institutions

  • Military departments

  • Agricultural operations

  • Telecom organizations

  • Airport control towers

  • Construction corporations

  • Mining companies

But, of course, you can install a diesel generator for your home/office/school too. There are numerous benefits of a diesel engine over a gasoline engine. In the list below, we will briefly discuss eight such advantages. So, let's see why using diesel generators is better for industries.


Diesel generators come in single-phase or three-phase. The power outlets in the building will help you choose the most suitable engine. Single-phase engines are conventional for household requirements. But heavy industries require a larger load-bearing capacity in their machines. Therefore, they prefer to have a three-phase generator. In the three-phase setting, these phases are never at zero altogether.


A diesel engine is a superior option because of the fuel it uses. Diesel has certain advantages over petrol. It's safer to ignite than gasoline. That's because the latter evaporates quicker than the former. This property makes diesel less flammable than petrol. So, it's less risky to use diesel as your engine fuel. Diesel has a higher vapor point, so it takes more time to ignite. It also has an extended shelf life than gas. You can easily store it for 6-12 months in a cool, dry place.


Diesel generators are available at Ablesales with different power ratings and upgraded features for you to select as per the need of the operations. Typically, they range from 2.5 kVA to 2,000 kVA. Remember that kVA is the unit of apparent power. It's used all over the world except for the United States as Americans use kW. Diesel engines are capable of handling larger power loads. When the power grid works unreliably, your diesel generator's performance comes to rescue.


Diesel engines are your durable and lifelong sources of electricity. They tend to last three times longer than petrol engines. So, you can spare the cost of three standard generators for a long-lasting one. Diesel engines are robust, reliable, and resilient machines. They have the potential to work fine for a long time before they need a significant overhaul. It's because gasoline engines produce more heat. Excessive heat damages the generator's mechanism and slows down its performance. Therefore, they don't stick around as long as diesel generators usually do.


Diesel engines have 10-15% more energy than gasoline. So, they reach their peak effectiveness quicker than the other types of generators do. They also manage heat more effectively than conventional engines. Diesel generators do have a problem of getting erosion on their walls. That's why diesel antifreeze contains an anti-erosion additive. Diesel engines also need coolants to exhaust heat.


Diesel generators manage fuel better than petrol engines. They need less fuel to operate too. So, your diesel engine gives you massive cuts in fuel costs. Some diesel generators require only half of the amount of fuel gasoline one needs. The prices of petrol and diesel tend to vary. Last time we checked, diesel – 1.2 AUD/liter – was slightly cheaper than gasoline – 1.22 AUD/liter.


Diesel engines, as mentioned above, save you money in fuel costs. They also don't need regular service as standard generators do. It's because diesel generators – thanks to their working mechanism – don't need carburetors or spark plugs. But they sometimes do require a regular oil change. These are the just-mentioned three reasons why diesel engines are cost-effective:

  • Less fuel consumption

  • Fewer spare-parts needed

  • Infrequent maintenance requirements

Some can argue that diesel generators have a lesser purchasing price. But it'll be valid only for a selected number of countries.


Diesel generators also tend to provide electricity to your house. You can also use them as backup generators for your industrial complex. They come in different shapes and sizes. They have different power ratings suitable for various industries. Diesel engines are also changing year by year. The world is trying to make diesel a friendlier fuel with less toxic effects on the environment. Diesel-powered vehicles are now much safer from an environmental perspective than they were before. We now have a climate-friendly product called bio-diesel. It's a renewable source of energy that generates fewer carbon emissions.


Before buying a diesel generator, first, make a list of its pros and cons. We've briefly discussed the advantages of keeping one. It gives off lots of noise, but this disturbance can easily get fixed with a sound-reduction and noise-insulation canopy. Diesel is also not a completely clean source of energy. It generates 78% more carbon dioxide than biodiesel does.

Nevertheless, industries cannot survive without a backup power source. Therefore, the diesel generator market of the world will reach $19 billion by 2026 as per an estimate. Your business shouldn't encounter any interruption. And the best way to ensure nonstop productivity is to use a diesel generator.


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