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Most people create websites in hopes of reaching more people and establishing an audience that’s spread across internationally. Building a website for a global audience may benefit your business commercially and grant you a greater amount of exposure.

However, despite the awe-inspiring effects that seem to be attached to a global audience, you may not know how to go about establishing one. The steps below may guide you in your journey of building a website for a global audience.

Use Less Jargon

Jargon is a collection of specialised words or language used by a specific group of people. Whether your website is where people seek career advice or a general forum, it’s important to avoid using jargon. It's incorporated in various communication realms, and, often, may not be understood outside of those domains. Using jargon, especially country-specific jargon, on your website may limit your audience.

Using less jargon can attract a wide range of audiences since more people would be encouraged to engage with your site.

2. Have A Global Movement

In this case, the meaning of the term ‘global movement’ may be spread across categories. A global movement could be the selling of a show that’s demanded on a worldwide scale or a charity organisation that allows for global donations.

A global movement is transnational, and the cause and effect of the movement is subject to the world as a whole. Building a website for a global audience may require a far-reaching motive.

For instance, if your website focus on casino games, you must consider the different traditions of each country so it’ll be a big hit. That’s why companies like Betway offer a variety of casino games inspired by traditions the world over.

Whatever it is that you’re selling or sharing on your site, try and make sure it comes from a place of worldly concern or motive.

3. Actively Learn And Research

Some terms that aren’t offensive in your own spaces may be offensive in other communities. Thus, it pays to learn about what may be derogatory or symbols of appropriation in various global societies. Furthermore, you may want to focus on learning about foreign economies and political landscapes, particularly if your website is highly controversial.

Learning may also help in the growth of your website because its content is continually displaying up-to-date information. Moreover, research and learning may allow you to find a place of neutrality and global acceptance.

4. Link Your Social Media To Your Website

The social media world is ever growing, and one share by the right hands may increase the traffic to your website.

There’s a large range of social media platforms to explore, and many of them have features that can help promote your page on a global scale. Why’s that so?  Social media is accessed frequently all over the world, and people are continuously discovering new people, products, and stories through such platform. Also, it’s inclusive of concepts from various categories. For example, there are fitness pages, make-up advisory pages, bloggers, online stores, and many others.

Linking your social media channels to your website may be an opportunity to expand greatly and leave you one hashtag away from global influence.

5. Use Globally Accessible Systems

Offering services and systems that are available globally may allow for the growth of your website. For example, if your website is an online store, you may want to look into establishing globally accessible payment methods.

Gatekeeping is when one actively limits or controls the access to one’s website. The content that you include in your website may contribute to its gatekeeping. To avoid this, you may try to include less country-specific external links or make use of any other globally accessible systems.

6. Network Internationally

Networking internationally may be highly beneficial for your website. International networking involves collaborating with people and exchanging ideas with them to develop your brand or website.

You may network with people internationally using social media. Through such platform, you may find people with the same motive that you have within your website. You may also be able to find people who share the same message you want to convey to your audience. Some of these people may have a great following, which can channel more traffic toward your website.

Having and fostering global partnerships give you the opportunity to be exposed to and be known by a huge number of people, not just folks from your locality.

Your Website Versus The World

There are many components of website building to consider, and even more when you’re targeting a global audience. These factors may help contribute to the building of your website and how it may achieve a global audience. Whether it be a storytelling website, a fitness website, or an advisory website, in order to build a global audience, you have to expand the realms of your approach and your mindset.


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