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In every home, you can find a variety of electrical appliances. And when problems occur associated with electricity, homeowners might attempt to tackle a minor issue, but calling an electrician such as Powerlec Electrician Busselton is the right move if it's a severe problem. Dealing with electrical concerns requires the proper skills, so it's best to leave the job to professionals to get the issue under control.  

An electrician has the skills and expertise to handle electrical wiring in appliances, machines, and various types of structures. These professionals have a level according to the degree of knowledge, job experience, and other factors.  

What Is A Level 2 Electrician? 

A level 1 electrician can tackle several essential electrical works and usually have less training than the level 2 electricians. Generally, they can work on circuitry and wiring issues, safety inspections, fixing loose switches, and system upgrades. Most typically focus on repair and maintenance tasks in both residential and commercial properties.  

If you're wondering what a level 2 electrician can do, it has something to do with the skill level and expertise. A level 2 electrician is a professional who's more qualified and authorized to repair, install, and maintain both underground and overhead services as well as the electrical supply network. The job might also involve reconnecting and disconnecting electrical systems and installation of electric meters.  

In case you're building a new property that lacks connection to the main power supply, you need to hire the services of a level 2 electrician. The professional will connect your property to the overhead and underground electrical systems and even install metering if necessary. When your property is secured safely to the primary source, the electrician can assist with other electrical tasks. 

When looking for an electrician in Australia who'll tackle the installation of the electrical system in a house or commercial establishment, you should look for one who's: 

  • * Fully licensed and insured 
  • * Has experience in both residential and commercial installations 
  • * Has experience in replacing damaged cables 
  • * Positive reviews 

When To Hire A Level 2 Electrician 

There are circumstances when it's best to hire an electrician Sydney with level 2 certification, especially for technical and highly complex issues. Some of the scenarios when you need the services of a level 2 electrician include a power board that's glowing red or the safety switch shifts off when you try to turn it on.  

Here are some of the services where its best to work with a level 2 electrician: 

  • Smart Metering 

If you need smart meters to monitor the power consumption, you need to hire a level 2 electrician. As devices managed by utility companies, they measure the consumption of the clients. Generally, an electrician will install a smart meter either indoors or outdoors, which depends on the layout of your property. 

  • Power Upgrade 

If your house or commercial building requires power upgrades, it's best to work with a level 2 electrician. In most cases, the work involves adjusting the wiring system and requires experience and specialized tools. Remember that power upgrades can boost the output and allows a higher level of usage.

  • Cable Repairs 

Any damage to the cables brought about by extreme conditions and hot temperatures requires a professional repair job. Depending on the root cause, it can expose the interior copper wires and pose a safety hazard.  

  • Installation Of Meters 

Once there's a need to install power meters, you can depend on level 2 electricians to tackle the task efficiently. A power meter is necessary for all residential and commercial properties since it allows you to monitor your power consumption and billing. 

  • Reconnection And Disconnection 

You should hire a level 2 electrician to tackle the connection of your property to the electrical network via the underground or overhead lines. In the same way, these professionals can also reconnect the link to restore a power source to a commercial building or house. The activity might be necessary when conducting safety tests or upgrading the electrical system.

  • Underground And Overhead Power Supply 

There are two methods in which electrical power transmits into a propertyoverhead or underground. Both power supplies have their share of advantages and drawbacks. Depending on your location, one might be the best choice over the other.  

An underground power requires cables that'll be buried under the ground, while overhead power involves installing power poles to supply electricity. A level 2 electrician can perform this type of work. 


If you need electrical services and repairs in both residential and commercial properties, working with a level 2 electrician is the best decision. With the skills and expertise these professionals have, you're at peace knowing they can tackle electrical problems in your home safely and efficiently.


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