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Various factors can compromise the quality of a constructed structure. These factors range from the materials used for the construction to other external factors. This is why industry experts always advise that constructors should always go for the best materials that are suited for the specific project they are working on.

One of these materials used in construction is the steel sheet pile, which is the most preferred instrument used for most construction sites to reinforce and improve the quality of a structure.

The steel sheet pile is in various designs and is guaranteed to yield the best quality construction results provided the sheet’s quality is not compromised. When considering a compromise in the quality of materials like steel sheet pile design, many think the fault to be from the company where they are produced. This may be true in some cases but is not always the cause. A steel sheet pile’s quality can be compromised as a result of corrosion, and this can occur during construction.

This article will discuss what corrosion means, the conditions that often lead to corrosion, and tips for controlling corrosion factors in steel sheet pile design. Read on to discover more interesting information.

What does Corrosion Entail?

Corrosion is defined as erosion that occurs from chemical action on a surface; this chemical action can be oxidation which is the most common chemical action on steel chemical surfaces.

Conditions For Corrosion

Corrosion does not happen on any surface, and specific conditions need to be present before it occurs. In the absence of one of these conditions, corrosion will not occur. These conditions are:

  • * Electron acceptor

  • * Metal surface

  • * Electrolyte

Corrosion Factors In Steel Sheet Pile Design:

Steel sheet piles are metal surfaces that require the other two corrosion conditions before corrosion occurs on them. But, those conditions are made available by specific factors for corrosion to occur, and these factors are:

  1. Oxygen: As mentioned earlier, oxidation is a chemical reaction that is the most common cause of corrosion. This is because of the presence of oxygen in the environment, but oxygen reacts with other components before it results in corrosion. These components are moisture and electrolytic environment.

  2. Pollution: The presence of pollutants in the environment after the pH, oxygen levels, and acidity of the environment, and when a sheet pile is exposed to these environments, the altered oxygen levels or acidic presence can serve as catalysts that influence a chemical reaction result (corrosion).

  3. Soil type: Some soil types have a high acidic profile, and when steel sheet piles are used in this type of soil without correct protective precaution, the sheet pile’s quality is reduced because of corrosion. Also, steel sheet piles driven into soils with large particles trap oxygen, a corrosion factor.

  4. Chloride: This factor increases the electrical conductivity of steel sheet piles resulting in corrosion. However, chlorides are primarily present in seawater.

  5. Moisture: Moisture is one of the main catalysts of corrosion, especially when combined with oxygen, and steel sheet piles are mostly used for construction works in areas with high moisture content to give the structures strength; thus, exposing the sheet pile to corrosion.


Corrosion reduces the quality of sheet piles by deteriorating the pile’s strength. Thankfully, however, it can be controlled by identifying the responsible factors and knowing the proper technique for using steel sheet piles. Understanding the primary causes of corrosion in steel sheet piling is crucial for those who assemble and install sheet pile systems, such as fuel systems maintenance and installation contractors.


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