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Using Coca Cola for unclogging drains is only one of the several uses that people have discovered for this popular beverage. Many people use it to clean their car's battery terminals. So, if Coca Cola is useful in cleaning stains and rust, it can be equally helpful in clearing drain blockages right? We at Dr Drain Blocked Drain Plumber Melbourne get this question about Coca Cola for drain cleaning a lot. The answer to it is yes and no. Read further to understand a little more about this.

Unclogging Drains With-Coke Does It Really Work?

While it is true that coke can be useful for unclogging drains, it helps only in case there is a complete blockage. This is because it requires an extended time to work. When you pour Coca-Cola into a drain that has a partial block, it will just flow through without any effect. Ideally, the drain also needs to be without any standing water as that will dilute the Coke.

If your dream block meets these particular conditions, you can try pouring an entire 2 litre Coke bottle down the affected train and allow it to work overnight. Once you check the drain in the morning if the clog has cleared and the Coke has drained out, flush it with some hot water. Many people use this beverage to unblock their toilets apart from shower and sink drains.

Alternatives to Coca-Cola for Clearing Drain Blockages

Of course, as mentioned earlier, the Coca-Cola will not work on a clogged drain if there is a partial block or if there is water accumulated in the drain. You can try commercial drain cleaners, but most of them are quite damaging to the pipes and harm the environment. The other option which is safer and more environmentally friendly is to use a mixture of peroxide and baking soda, followed by hot water.

Hire Skilled Plumbing Professionals

It might be possible to clear minor blockages in your drainage system using Coca-Cola or baking soda, as mentioned earlier. However, these remedies may not work for more significant clogs. In such a situation, you would have to call in experts like the ones at our company. We use the latest technology and tools in our work and clear blocked drain quickly and efficiently.

For any information about unblocking drains and our other services, feel free to contact Dr Drain Melbourne at 0399095110

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