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How delightful sometime in the sun, the weather in Brisbane is going to be class A sunshine and you can be out there all day soaking up those much-needed rays. You can watch the surfers surf and even try it out for yourself, you can have a typical Aussie burger whilst sitting in a rainforest and it will be glorious just first listen out for some essential tips.

  1. The sun, it's all over the world right? It's where you're from and you've always had a great relationship with it, why wouldn't it be the same? There's not two suns. That's right there aren't two suns however Australia has a large hole in it's ozone layer which allows for extreme levels of UV rays to come through, these are dangerous so wear a hat, a t-shirt and sunscreen that is from Australia not the one you had in Europe when you laid on a rock all afternoon and got a tasty tan.

  2. Not only beaches, it has mountains and waterfalls, tours to see whales, islands that have long white sandy beaches. Take a day trip to the spectacular Glasshouse mountains or about an hours drive south is Sea World near the Sunshine Coast and it is world class. Lamington national park is a much cooler day than hanging out in the central city during the sometimes 40 degree celsius days. To get to these places use a site like EnjoyCarHire to secure the most competitive deal.

  3. The water is inviting, however the signs that show whether you should swim or not must be obeyed. The yellow and red flags is for you to swim between and the beach closed signs could mean anything from a dangerous rip current that will drag you out into the ocean, sharks that are hanging around or even saltwater crocodiles who are looking for lunch(very rare).

  4. See it from different angles, there are dedicated boat cruise services that can take you up and down the beautiful Brisbane river, they are worth getting on and seeing the city from another side.

  5. It's not yours, this land was taken from the rightful owners and has been slowly making it's way back into their hands, be wary and respectful of this when you arrive are sightseeing and are interacting with people, the Aboriginal Australians have paid more than their dues so hold them in high regard as the foremost intellectual and spiritual minds of this great southern land.

Generally getting around Brisbane is quite easy as the people are friendly and the land is beautiful. The city still has remnants of the flood that took out the bridges that connect its sides so keep an eye out for that and ask the locals to share their thoughts with you.

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