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The Property Pack

  • Written by Lilly Miller

Are you tired of staying at home due to the pandemic? Well, you can basically forget about classic travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the road in your personal vehicle. Road trips will be all the rage this year since they allow you to stay safe and socially distant from others. One thing you must ensure, though, is that you have all the gadgets you’ll need, so you can minimize your gas-station stops and unnecessary shopping trips. Here are a few gadgets that have to find a spot in your car for your next road trip:

Personal Wi-Fi

You need to stay connected at all times, especially now that the situation is a bit tricky. So, if you’re worried about your coverage and Wi-Fi, grab a mobile router that allows you to connect all your devices and create a personal network.

Bluetooth speaker

You have to find a way to bring some music to your road trip stops, and a practical Bluetooth speaker will do just that. These little guys are loud, easy to operate and water-resistant (important if you’re making a lake stop or hitting the beach).


When you have some down-time during your road trip, it’s a great idea to unwind with a book. But, real books take a lot of space, so replace them with an e-reader. These readers are lightweight, affordable and have a pretty decent battery life—everything you require in a road trip gadget.

A reliable power bank

All of these aforementioned gadgets need to stay charged, most from a USB port. Well, if your vehicle doesn’t have any, don’t worry—grab a reliable power bank and you’re set. Something handy like a highly efficient 10000 mAh power bank will provide you with multiple USB ports and plenty of power to keep your batteries working until you arrive at your destination. When investing, opt for something with a longer cable so everyone can easily plug in.

Durable plastic dishes

Today, Tupperware is everything but boring. If you look at their portable-dish collection, you can find beautifully-designed reusable containers that will make you forget all about single-use plastics. There are different versions of travel dishes—ceramic and plastic—and both are durable, covered with a non-slip exterior and equipped with a slip-on strap. Combine your dishes with a reusable water bottle and you can be a perfectly green road tripper. Opt for a bottle with a built-in reusable straw and covered mouthpiece for extra cleanliness.

BBQ set

If you want to avoid restaurants and food stalls, you have to have some delicious food with you. And what better way to satisfy your hunger after a long ride than with some delicious BBQ! Leave some space in your trunk for a portable BBQ set and you can stop whenever you like and enjoy amazing home-made food.

Electric cooler

If you’re bringing your barbecue, you’ll need to pack something you’ll put on top of your grill. In that case, invest in a practical electric cooler that will not only keep your drinks cool, but also any meat, veggies and condiments. These coolers can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and keep your food and drinks comfortably and safely cool. If you decide to stop at a motel, your cooler can also be plugged into a regular wall socket.

Quick-dry towel

Passing a beach or a lake on your road trip? Well, use this chance to freshen up and have some outdoor fun. After you’re done with splashy fun, dry off with a quick-dry towel. These road trip necessities dry fast, shed sand easily and even look very stylish. They are also useful for summer hiking trips when you’re all sweaty and wet.

Packing cubes

If you want to keep your suitcases and backpacks organized, you need those packing cubes. These will allow you to keep track of all your clothing, hygiene products and shoes so you don’t have to go digging in your luggage or car trunk and make a huge mess.

LED road flares

Last but not least, don`t forget about the road safety. They can be placed on the car or the road (they can withstand a 6000-pound hit, so Of course, having a breakdown would stink, but in case it happens, it’s better to have some road flares to prevent an even bigger accident. Traditional magnesium flares are super bright, but they are not reusable and very safe for storing and using. Ditch regular flares and opt for LED models that can be reused and are much more practical for use. n’t worry about damage).

Once you’re fully equipped, you can go on your adventure and stay perfectly comfortable and safe with just a few road tricks up your sleeve. There will be no need for unnecessary stops and exposure to strangers—just you and the road.


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