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If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ve bought wine by the case. Cases of wine that come in twelve bottles per case are ideal for avid wine drinkers so that it can be used for several occasions and come at discounted rates.  

Before you buy yourself a mixed dozens wine case, you may need to consider the drinkers, occasions, and budget. Are you looking for a case suited for your dinner pairings or do you want to conduct a wine tasting session of classic wines? 

If this is the first time you’re going to buy a mixed dozens wine case, you may consider a pack of five whites, five reds, and two sparkling wines. Ideally, customizing your mixed dozens wine case according to your liking is the best since it lets you experiment with several wine types at a discounted rate. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of buying mixed dozen wines. 

  • Saves You Money  

When you buy a mixed dozens case of wine, it may come at a much lower cost and help you save up on money. Many retailers give a small discount on full cases. If you’re buying them online, you may get them shipped free of cost. When you’re buying wine by the case, you will get much more at a cheaper rate.  

  • You Can Customize Your Wine Case  

If you’re a regular wine drinker or like challenging your taste buds with different wines, customized wine cases are ideal. While customizing your wine case, you may consider adding your favorite reds, whites, and even a bottle of rosé, depending on your taste.  

When you’re customizing a mixed dozens wine case, the first step is to know what are you buying the wine for? For example, are you buying to serve at a dinner or is it going to be consumed by wine connoisseurs for a tasting session? If you’re customizing your mixed dozens wine case for regular use, you may consider a basic starter pack of reds, whites, and sparkling wine. While choosing wines, make sure to mix up light and full-bodied wines for more variety.  

For more advanced palates, you may experiment with customization and tailor them to the guests you plan to entertain. You may also pick up some classics to compare notes at a tasting session with wine experts.  

To ensure that your mixed dozens wine case is within your budget, check the price and multiply it by twelve to get an approximate rate. This will help you get an estimate of the price so that you don’t overspend.  

  • You Can Choose Your Favorites  

When you’re customizing your mixed dozens of wine cases, you may consider adding your favorite wines. If you’re picking up wine for friends and family, you may opt for several varieties. To ensure that the wines are palatable for all, choose wines closer to the middle spectrum on sweetness, acidity, and body. Since medium flavors are likely to appeal to most people, customizing your mixed dozens of wine cases with a variety of wines of middle spectrum sweetness, acidity and body may be ideal for entertaining guests. 

If you're planning to buy wine to pair them with your meals, the general rule is pairing white wine with lighter meals made of fish and chicken while red wines pair well with foods made of lamb or beef.  

If you’re buying wine for making cocktails like sangria or mimosas, the subtle flavors of wine aren’t important, and you may consider using less expensive wines.  

Pricing Of Mixed Dozens Wine Cases  

By buying by the case, you have the flexibility to buy wines that come with different price points. Wines are priced depending on the quality of the wine. If you drink wine often with your meals, opting for $200 wine cases can be an economical choice. However, if you’re looking for good quality wine, the wine cases may cost you more.  


When it comes to customizing a mixed dozens wine case, the most important thing is your selection of wine. Before buying yourself wine, ask yourself what occasion do you need it for and whom will you be serving it to?  

Since there are several varieties of wine to choose from, ranging from some classic bottles to those you’d like to experiment with, knowing what type of wine you want will make it easy for you to customize your mixed dozens wine case. In case, you don’t want to take up the task of creating your mixed dozens wine case, you can always ask your wine shop to curate on for you based on your taste preferences.  

Finally, make sure to enjoy your wine case with your favorite selection of wines. 


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