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Prenatal is considered as the most important time in a woman’s life. If a brief overview is given, then prenatal is before birth which means when a woman is pregnant and postnatal or postpartum means after giving birth. Now both of these phases have their importance because both of these phases need great care. A woman has to go through a lot to bring a human being to this world. So, she needs a lot of extra care when she is pregnant and making sure whatever she is doing or eating is having an impact on that unborn child.

It is one of the most beautiful times in the couples’ life. Upgraded from bachelor to married and then to mother and father is an exhilarating feeling. Parents go to the pregnancy and baby expo for their unborn baby and plan everything prior to the birth of their baby.

Special treatment should be given to every woman because a woman goes through a lot of things and she needs somebody all the time by her side to understand and take care of her.

We all know that there are three trimesters in a nine-month pregnancy which means that one trimester consists of 3 months. Every trimester requires different care.

The first trimester is a crucial part because the baby’s important organs such as the heart is being developed. Few guidelines for the first trimester are given below:

  1. Because in the first trimester, a lot of changes are going to happen so the pregnant woman should prepare herself to accept all the changes and embrace them. Changes such as morning sickness will be very common so she should accept it and get ready to face it.

  2. Avoid lifting heavy weights or bending too much. Because your fetus is developing so you do need rest.

  3. Mood swings are very common during this time. You will feel like crying one day for no reason. Some days you will be happy for no reason. So, do not freak out!

  4. Try to be as optimistic as possible because prenatal depression is real and can get severe. To overcome all your negative worries and fill your life with good positive thoughts.

  5. Research a lot before going to a specific gynecologist. Appoint someone who listens to you patiently and educate you about all types of changes around you.

  6. Your doctor will measure your weight. Most doctors perform an ultrasound and a pap test is done.

  7. Doctors check for any Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The due date is given after 9 months. It is not accurate but most of the time it is. You can also use this due date calculator to easily find out when you are due.

  8. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated enough.

  9. Make sure to eat proper calories which are almost 300.

  10. If you are not able to eat anything, have vitamin supplements.

  11. You might become sensitive or allergic to some scents and food.

  12. It is okay to crave for foods you have never eaten in your life.

The second trimester is where your baby has lashes eyebrows. He or she kicks and turns too but you will not feel them. They also grow in size. The second trimester is mostly based on your baby’s health, growth or any related problems. A prenatal woman should go to a doctor almost every month and talk about all the pains and problems even if they are minor and you find them silly. One should know these things when entering the second trimester.

  1. You will feel more pressure on your back. Backaches are common and you can ease it by doing some light yoga.

  2. Your doctor will check your baby’s growth to see if it is growing as expected and you might hear your baby’s heartbeat is monitored.

  3. Blood pressure is checked.

  4. Lab tests such as urine, glucose, hemoglobin, and ultrasounds are done.

  5. Your morning sickness will decrease once you have entered your second trimester.

  6. Do not stop eating your supplements. Irons, folic acid and vitamins are essential.

  7. You will also stop feeling tired and will feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

  8. Your belly will start showing and more noticeable.

  9. It is observed that most pregnant women have dental issues when they enter the second trimester. Make sure to take care of your teeth. Use soft toothbrushes to avoid bleeding.

  10. The gender of the baby is also revealed and it is okay to keep it a surprise as well.

  11. Wear loose and comfortable clothes to be at ease.

  12. Hair growth is increased. Mostly because of all the supplements. Hair becomes thicker which is a good thing.

  13. Due to increased hormone levels, the body makes more blood which can cause mucous membranes to swell resulting in stuffiness. Use saline drops and drink plenty of water.

  14. You might feel contractions but don’t worry it is normal if it is for a small period.

The third trimester is the last before your bundle of joy arrives. This trimester is, of course, essential because the baby’s brain, nails, fingers five senses, and digestive system is developed.

  1. Because of the pressure on the pelvis, you might go to the washroom frequently. It is normal to pee now and then.

  2. The pregnancy glow is on point. Your skin will look healthy and fresh.

  3. Rest because once the baby is out you are not going to get any proper sleep.

  4. Prepare yourself for the big day. Meditate and do some light exercises.

  5. Acid reflux or heartburn is very common during the third trimester. Consult your doctor and have them prescribe you medicine which you can have.

  6. Braxton Hicks or false labor is tightening of the uterus which lasts for a few seconds. It is a natural way to prepare you for your labor pains. These fake labor contractions prepare your muscles for your real labor contractions. So do not panic.

  7. You might have swollen feet and hands. That is because of weight gain and hormonal changes. You can soak your feet in warm water to cool them down.

  8. Do not stop taking your prenatal supplements because they are not only beneficial for your baby but also for you.

  9. You might feel anxious once your due date is near. What is going to happen and how will it happen will fear you too. Try to fill your mind with good positive thoughts.

  10. Shortness of breath is another thing that happens in the third trimester. Because your uterus increases in size which press the diaphragm which makes breathing difficult.

  11. It is good to read about different pregnancy experiences of different people. It will solve all your worries about labor.

  12. Prepare your baby bag. The bag should contain everything which will be needed at the time of birth. Baby’s swaddle, clothes, etc.

  13. Try stretching exercises and light yoga to relax.

  14. A lot of movement of the body is notices in the last trimester.

  15. Your doctor might ask you to come for more frequent visits like once a week.

  16. Few tests are performed as anemia, diabetes and Group B strep.

  17. You may notice stretch marks all over your abdomen that is because of skin stretching to the limit.

  18. Baby’s movement and position are monitored.

  19. It is advised to walk a lot in the last few days of your pregnancy.

  20. You might have crazy dreams regarding anything. That is very common in pregnancy.

Few things which should be done in all three trimesters are:

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks.

  2. Stop smoking and it is a good time to get rid of smoking.

  3. Do not wear heels as you may slip or twist your ankles.

  4. Avoid hot tubs and saunas.

  5. Take folic acids and Vitamin D on time.

  6. Stay active. Sitting down a lot is not good for you or your baby.

  7. Consider taking vaccinations to protect yourself and your baby.

  8. Do not have food that has a slight chance of having mercury or any other toxic element such as salmon or trout.

  9. Do not believe everything you hear and read. Confirm it before implementing it.

  10. Avoid heavy weights at all costs.

  11. Studies show that one in ten women suffer from mental illness when they are pregnant. Keep your mind at peace. Try not to overthink. Write down any negative thoughts and replace them with happy thoughts.


Pregnancy is a truly beautiful experience of nine months and especially for first-time mommies. But remember, every woman has a completely different experience so you should not compare your experience to others and get freaked out. One should enjoy all the benefits such as eating whatever you want, getting all the importance and good hair and skin. Stay cautious and observe every change in your body. If you find anything abnormal or unusual, rush to a doctor immediately. Pregnancy alters the way you think. “You will never understand life until it grows in you.”


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