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Brisbane is Australia's state capital of Queensland. It's 12 miles (19 kilometers) above the Brisbane River's mouth in Moreton Bay, on the south side of the Taylor Range's slopes. The city is known for its vibrant energy, inviting ambiance, and 280 days of sunlight every year. Brisbane, Australia's third-largest city after The Emerald City and Melbourne, is also the country's fastest-growing and most diverse tourist destination.

More often than not, Brisbane is a hub buzzing with exciting activities, a world-exclusive art exhibition, live music performances, international cricket and golf tournaments, and much more. On top of that, a myriad of Australian online gambling sites, award-winning restaurants, intriguing rooftop bars, fantastic shopping, magnificent new 5-star hotels, cultural events, and thrilling urban excursions are just a few of the highlights. All that can make for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, but what could you avoid to ensure that?

Distances can be deceiving

While it might not be Brisbane-specific, distances between towns can be deceiving. For instance, it takes almost two hours to travel between Cavill Mall on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. In other words, it's a plausible day trip to go there and back. Brisbane to Cairns and back, or the Great Barrier Reef isn't doable. So try to avoid setting unrealistic goals in your itinerary.

Don’t Bring Up Other Cities

Brisbanites take pride in their hometown. Maybe even a little too much, as they take insults to their city too seriously. The majority of visitors come to Brisbane on their way to the Gold Coast or on their way up to Cairns. The city is a major stop on the backpacker path, with many hostels, young children, and budget visitors. That's why many Brisbanites hate how these passers speak of their hometown while comparing it to the neighboring cities.

Forgetting your Mosquito Spray will sting

In the summer, mosquitos can be a nuisance when the night falls, especially if it has been raining. Pack insect repellent if you intend to spend an evening outdoors around the grill.

Trust the weather

Unfortunately, Brisbane is cursed with a subtropical climate, which means that residents are prone to severe weather conditions. When a storm approaches, avoid making any significant plans since there's a potential it'll bring hurricane-force winds, large hail, and flash flooding. It's far more pleasant to wait it out indoors with a few cold ones as all Brisbanites would. Other than the looming threat of hurricanes, it can get too hot. The truth is that the sun is there wherever you go, so even on a day out in the city, it helps to be sun cautious. Don't be fooled by the cold weather or the clouds; if you're not careful, you can still get severely burnt.

All in all, if you’re planning a trip to Brisbane, these were just a few things to consider. Being mindful of the distances between places, respectful of the locals’ traditions, ready with mosquito spray, and the weather’s varying conditions will guarantee you an immersive experience in one of the most underrated cities of Australia.


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