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Plumbing is one of those things many don’t seem to think about until it’s too late. Although some plumbing issues may be solved by a plunger and a can of drain cleaner, others such as sewer backups may be expensive and tragic, if not discovered and solved at the right time. For help with all your plumbing issues, reach out to Inner City Plumbing.

As a homeowner, it’s important to know the common signs of a faulty system to avoid damage to walls, floors, and ceilings, lowering the overall home value. Suppose you can’t solve the issue; it’s advisable to contact a professional plumber to help you tackle the problem. In recent years, service providers like Plumber North Shore have created a reputation for delivering quality and timely services. Operating 24 hours a day, these service providers offer the right help for you next time you experience a plumbing problem. 

In this article, you’ll learn some early indicators you should look out for in faulty plumbing systems.

1. Rise In Your Water Bills

A sudden rise in water bills may be a blow to your hard-earned money, and it may also be an indication that something might be wrong with your pipes. Suppose you haven’t undertaken any activity to account for the increase in water usage (for instance, filling up your pool, laundry, etc.). In that case, you should conduct a test to find out if there are any leaks in your plumbing system.

Running toilets may be one of the leading causes of a sudden increase in your water bill. Your bathroom uses lots of water, and if there are any leaks, tons of water is wasted, increasing your water bill.

2. Sewer Odours

Most household plumbing are fitted with traps, vents, and drains. These fittings are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering your home. The ducts in your house are supposed to allow passage of sewer gas up toward the room; conversely, these drains form a makeshift water plug that act as a blockade to prevent odour from coming up your sink drain. If you smell a strong musk in your home, this might indicate that either the trap has run dry or there’s a damaged or blocked duct line.

3. Odd Sounds Coming From Faucet

You can’t prevent the normal sound of water running through pipes, but if you hear squealing noises coming out of your faucets and pipes, this may indicate a plumbing problem. Here are two things that might causes these odd sounds:

Worn-Out Washer And Aerator: If you realize the sound is coming from just one faucet, you check whether the washer and aerator are in good condition. You can stop the noise by just replacing a worn or dirty washer or aerator.

Mineral Build-Up: In some cases, you may hear the sounds throughout the house. This may be caused by built-up mineral deposits or a damaged main water supply valve. Consult a plumber to help you locate the issue and advise you accordingly.

You can fix the dry trap by just refilling it with water or you could troubleshoot to see if there are any cracks. Finding a cracked vent might be tricky, and you might still be forced to hire professionals to help you with the tracking.

4. Toilet Flush And Other Drain-Related Issues

Some of the common issues experienced by most households include toilets that don’t flush properly, showers filling up but draining slowly, or sink blockages. These issues may be solved by using a Roto-Rooter or any other appropriate tool to clear your drain system to make it easier for water to flow smoothly as possible.

This may be a short-term solution as you may find yourself experiencing the same plumbing issues. If that happens, conduct troubleshooting ASAP to find out whether there’s anything wrong with your plumbing system and have it repaired as required.

5. Low Water Pressure

This is another indication of a faulty plumbing system, especially in old houses. But you can also experience this issue even in your newly acquired home. 

Common causes of low pressure may include a water main break, leakage, and build-up of mineral deposits in your pipes and faucets. If you can’t find out the cause of low water pressure, you should hire a professional plumber to assist you with the troubleshooting.


The plumbing system plays an important role in ensuring clean water comes in and waste water gets out your home efficiently.  As discussed above, some of the common indicators of a faulty plumbing system include a sudden spike in water bills, odds sounds coming from faucets and pipes, sewer odours, recurring drainage issues, and low water pressure. To avoid incurring costly repairs and replacement, it’s important you conduct regular spot checks to discover a plumbing issue early on.


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