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People often have a hard time coping with the hectic pace of the modern world. The biggest problem that they face is lack of time which makes it difficult to perform routine tasks. There are also many things that one would like to do, but there isn't enough time to do them all.

Thankfully, this is where an ERP solution implemented by reputed companies such as comes in handy.

ERP software possesses all the features you need to keep track of your employees' performance and make sure no deadlines are missed. It also allows you to manage inventory levels, schedule production orders or purchase orders, monitor customer spending habits, run reports on various aspects of the business, etc.

Thus, when it comes to choosing what type of ERP system would be best for your company’s needs, there are many aspects you should take into account.

What Kind of Business are You Involved in?

Before selecting the best ERP solution for your company, it is essential to understand your business needs.

Do you sell products or services? Is your company small and doesn't require a complicated supply chain management system, or can you go for an industry-specific solution to accommodate all the requirements and needs if your company is large enough?

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Ask how many people use the system now and who they are. Ask whether it's easy to learn and use, as well as how much work it takes to maintain it (if there aren't dedicated staff members handling this part). The best logistics software is user-friendly.

Hence, you must select the right ERP solution that will determine its overall success in meeting your expectations.

How Do You Plan to Use the ERP Solution?

How do you plan to use the system? Do you need it only for reporting, or is tracking of orders vital to you? How about the management of purchase orders?

Will your business benefit from receiving real-time data on order status and delivery timeframes? Try asking these questions while talking to different companies selling ERP solutions. It will help make an informed decision when choosing the best one for your needs.

What are the Features that are Most Important to Your Business?

According to a Statista report, the global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions market is expected to grow to around the US $97 billion by 2024.

For instance, if quality control is vital for your operations, choose a system with tools designed specifically for that purpose.

Ask others what they think before selecting any supply chain ERP solution since it's hard to know in advance whether certain features will meet your expectations or not.

Do you need a mobile app? Many modern apps are designed specifically for easy use on smartphones and tablets, so if that's what you're searching for, be sure to ask about it during the sales process.


It's wise to really weigh all possible options before making any final decision since you can't return an ERP software, but having one that doesn't fully meet your needs/expectations is even worse than not having one at all.

Also, explore enterprise resource planning systems for transportation management, warehousing, logistics scheduling and optimisation, order management, collaboration, and visibility capabilities.


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