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Gold has always been the global currency of choice, dating back to the time of the Stone Age to date. Many investors prefer to buy gold as a hedge or protection against different economic and social factors like inflation and political unrest.

Top advisors on significant investments website recommend having diversified portfolios with a section for commodities and should include gold for safer overall risk in portfolios.

Are you looking for a way to invest smartly in gold? Has your financial advisor talked about this type of investment, but you are not sure of it?

Well, this article was made just for you as we have taken our time to list and discuss some excellent bullion opportunities for you. The main types of investments will be touched, as all the other sources are derived from these.

Gold Bullion

You may have heard of the word "bullion" in some other context, like the van that is used to transfer money between bank branches, right? However, in this context, it is a type of investment in an ingot. It is even the most popular type.

There is a general misconception about bullions; people believe they are just those large bars that are being kept in the "vaults of vaults." They are those and more. They also refer to those different shapes and sizes of pure ingot whose purity and weight have been confirmed.

They may include bars, coins, and other figures of various sizes. For security purposes, most bars usually have serial numbers inscribed on them.

Even though the large size of the ingot may be appealing to the eye, their sheer size makes them a lot more expensive and difficult to buy and sell. This is "illiquidity," meaning they are challenging to liquidate or turn into cash.

For instance, say you buy a bar of about a million bucks and decide to sell off just twenty percent, how would you get it off the end of the bar to sell? This usually poses a problem as one might have to melt the whole bar. You can check for more on securing gold bullion.

Gold Coins

For a very long time, there have been issuances of large amounts of coins by most sovereign countries worldwide. Those private investors usually buy these coins at around one to five percent above their actual value, but the percentage may have jumped a bit to about ten percent in the last couple of months. There are advantages of these coins, which are;

  • * Reasonable prices for different transactions and financial publications.

  • * They are often made in small sizes, making them a better and preferable choice than large bars.

  • * Dealers of these coins who have been known to have integrity can be located without searching too long, at least in most big cities in the world.

However, one needs to note that rare and older coins may have what is called the "collectors" or "numismatic" value. Instead of stressing yourself with that, opt for the widely circulated coins and leave collectors with the rare ones.

Gold coins and bullions may have some problems; their significant markup from dealers, issuance, and storage costs may hinder the potential for maximum profit. Also, when you invest in coins or bullion, it is a direct investment in the value of ingot.

Meaning that if the currency value changes, it might affect its value in one's holdings. This leads us to discuss other gold opportunities.

Gold Mutual Funds and ETFs

To solve the problem discussed above, an intelligent investor might want to invest in what we call exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These ETFs are usually gold-based. Getting a share in these special instruments means a specific amount of the metal.

These shares or funds are bought or sold just the way we purchase market shares, and they also use individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and brokerage accounts. From what we have discussed, you can see that this method is far more cost-effective and easier than acquiring coins or bars directly, especially if one is only making a small investment.

Some mutual funds even own gold companies and bullion in their portfolios. Still, investors should know that only a small percentage of mutual funds are focused solely on investments in gold. They usually own other commodities. There are advantages of mutual funds that are focused on gold like;

  • * Diversification among these companies.

  • * Owning an IRA or brokerage account quickly.

  • * No need to research individual companies.

  • * Low minimum cost and investment required.

You should also note that some funds prefer to invest in indexes of ingot mining companies while others have direct ties to the prices. The last set is usually actively managed. Gold options and futures are also good options.

Companies that Mine Gold

These companies that specialize in mining and refining make a massive profit from rises in their prices. If you invest in these types of companies, you can consistently profit from the rise and lower the risks associated with the various investment methods.

Large ingot mining companies have extensive operations globally and can profit even when the ingot prices begin to decline. These companies even offer direct ownership of the precious metal, but you need to be sure of the company before making any investment.

Gold Jewelry

Almost half of the available gold in circulation is in the form of jewelry. With a rising demand for wealth and the global population, there is a proportional rise in the need for jewelry made of precious metal. However, buyers are beginning to become price-sensitive, opting to buy less once the prices rise. People even go to retail stores to get their products.

You can also see them at auctions and estate sales. Buying them in these places has the advantage of the absence of retail markup but the disadvantage of not locating them quickly. Jewelry ownership is the most exciting way to own precious metals because it is beautiful, but you might want to think again as an investment, except you are the seller.

Take Away

Whatever choice you make is OK, as long as you are investing in this precious metal. There may be downsides to all these options, but one thing is sure; the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. So turn that money into gold today and have your peace of mind even if the economic market starts crumbling down.


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