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Playing online on sites such as offers bettors an opportunity to make money from the wide variety of games that exist online. From online table games, skill-based online games to online sports betting and much more. However, there are some horrible mistakes to avoid when you play online as they can ruin your game or set you back. These mistakes can happen to beginners as well as longtime players, but being aware of what to look out for can minimise the chances of them happening to you.

For this reason, here are horrible mistakes to avoid when you play online. Let’s get started.

Playing at unlicensed casinos

While there are numerous online casinos out there, not all are licensed and playing at such sites exposes you to the risk of losing your money. As a result, you should check if an online casino is licensed by asking for a state and federal licence that allows the casino to operate legally.

Using fake details to register an online casino account

Creating an online casino account using false information is one of the horrible mistakes you could ever make when signing up. This is because online gambling sites typically ask for additional information and documentation for identity verification or processing withdrawal requests, meaning if you used false information to create your casino account, it can be permanently blocked and you end up losing your winnings.

Checking for the payment method

Playing online in some casino or sports betting site allows players to deposit and withdraw money using credit cards. For this reason, you don’t have to stick with a site that does not allow you to deposit or withdraw money in the desired way. Instead, you should look for other websites that accept a variety of payment and withdrawal methods such as PayPal, Skrill Bitcoin and bank transfers.

Ignoring the Bonus terms and conditions

Almost every gambling site offers welcoming bonuses that may entice you to deposit in a hurry to receive the best possible deal, but with them comes conditions outlined in the contract agreements. Therefore, always read the conditions for bonuses in the contract agreement section to avoid disappointments later.

Additionally, you should do a background check of the online casino before registering and depositing money. You should know about their reliability in processing withdrawal requests. Luckily, this information can be accessed by searching for people’s reviews on scam sites they encounter online


Playing an unfamiliar game is also one of the horrible mistakes you should avoid when playing online. Additionally, you should have a betting strategy when playing online to avoid being on a losing streak. Finally, playing online on credit is the worst mistake you could ever make as it might get you into serious financial problems.


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