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If you have an elderly or disabled relative, you are probably aware that one of the activities that they find it very difficult to do is to taking a bath. The limitations in their movements due to sickness or even aging makes it hard for them to do the things that they always find it easy to accomplish during their younger and tougher years.

Thankfully, with the vastness of technology nowadays, there are equipment that specializes in making the lives of our elder people easier. It has various features that promotes better living and somehow, independence for those who has even a slight capacity to do things for themselves. One of this equipment is the bath seat.


What is a Bath Seat?

Bath seat, or shower Chair from Halo Health Care, is a cleaning equipment that doesn’t require the user to lie down when taking a bath. From here, he can use a hand held shower or even wash himself using the bath water. It has lots of qualities to choose from. Some had cut-out portions for a better personal cleaning. Furthermore, it can also have a bath board, among others.


Here are some of bath seat types that you can consider for your older loved-ones:


1. Suspended bath seats: These are bath seats that are hanged down from the rim. Its width can be adjusted to make a comfortable bathing position. A slip-resistant is covered in the ends of the frame to aid for better grip and to avoid destruction to the bath. Acrylic and metal baths work best with this kind of bath seat. A bath board is recommended for suspended bath seats with backrest.


2. Free standing bath seats: These types have standing suction pads located on the base of the bath. With side support that are adjustable, it can be stiffened to fit against the bath’s side resulting in a less seat movement and more stability for the user.


3. Wedge bath seats: These bath seats have hinged blades with rubberized caps fastened to the metal seat frame and thrusted in contrast to the sides of the bath. Its frame is adjustable to establish a secured grip against the sides of the bath. This is the easiest to detach from the bath.



What are the Benefits of Using a Bath Seat for the Elderly and Disabled Individuals?

Generally, having a bath seat gives a safer and more secured feeling for its users whenever they want to take a bath or even just clean themselves. Moreover, using bath seats give health benefits like relieving stress and easing joint pains and muscle sores.


Here are other wonderful benefits of using bath seats:


1. Bath seats can solve the agility concerns of its user

Since older and disabled individuals are having major issues on their movement, which makes them almost dysfunctional that gives them feelings of worthlessness. With the bath seat, they can be able to get in and out of the bathroom independently and less hassle. Also, it makes them more comfortable to bathe on their own without other person looking after them, or needing an assistance to help them take a bath.


2. Bath seats ensure safety while using the bathroom

Almost all of the bath seats are now equipped with various safety features that ensures safety and security on its users. For instance, there are bath seats with batteries which are proven safe even if it is absorbed on water. Another one is having a switch that adjusts the level of the seat depending on the preference of the user.


3. Bath seats guarantee control

Understanding the need for full accessibility of the elderly and disabled persons, most of the bath seats can now be easily operated with the use of simple controls. This feature gives these people their independence to manage their own bathing time, without the help of anyone in their homes.


4. Bath seats promise full comfort in every bathing time

Most of the people who bought bath seats experience the best of their bathing experiences despite of their physical issues because of their age and condition. For instance, bath seats with swivels to their desired angles and positions makes these adults more relaxation and comfort while bathing themselves. And since it can be rotated to any positions, they can be able to take a bath freely and in private.


5. Bath seats assure its portability

Aside from the latest features, bath seats ensure easy transportation especially at taking vacations or when visiting relatives from far places. Most of the bath seats are very easy to set up where it only takes a few minutes. Moreover, these can be adjusted to the majority of the bath sizes, ensuring that wherever the user can go, he can always count on his bath seat.




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