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Being in an accident that has caused serious injury and/ or harm to you, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, will rattle your world as it is. Such incidences are never easy to handle. But what is easy is how you can understand personal injury compensation so that you benefit the most out of a settlement.

With professional tips from, here’s your basic guide about personal injury compensation.

Personal Injury Compensation FAQs

Is There A Need To Make A Claim? 

The answer? A definite YES. The reason behind making a personal injury claim is for you to alleviate yourself of the heavy and hefty fees of treatment and medication caused by the accident. And in many cases, the whole amount of said recovery expenses.

There’s no need to file a claim if you don’t have this in mind. But because accidents tend to cost you much more than medical expenses (absences from your job, the distress it causes in the form of physical pain, and emotional and mental anxiety, lifestyle-shifts to make room for therapy and recovery, expenses for any damages to your property and other assets, etc.), it’s best to go through with the claim with the help of an experienced accident lawyer in order to get you back up on your feet.

Basic Factors Of Personal Injury Compensation

These factors are also known as “Heads Of Damage”, and they’re split into two: personal injury compensation for the effects of the accident and/or injury to you, and for the financial damage it has caused.

Pain, Suffering, And Injury Impact

Besides compensating for severe physical farm that has rendered you unable to work in a capacity you were able to prior to the incident, this also speaks of how other important elements in your life have been negatively affected.

For instance, the inability to do regular household chores, drive, enjoy a hobby, the length of time it now takes for you to travel from one place to another (because of the injury), heavy-lifting of work, etc.

Medical Treatment And Nursing Care

This specifially speaks of medical bills, prescribed medication and treatments, medically-backed change in diet due to the accident, and therapy after you check out of the medicaly facility--- all of these are included here.

There’s also something called “gratuitous care” wherein you’ll be counting the cost of having a friend or family care for you as you recover.

Financial Losses

Absence from work means that you are unpaid N number of days, weeks, or worse, months. What you are supposed to receive as salary during said times can be compensated for. In addition to this, payment for damages to property will be counted in as well.

Impact On Labor And Congenial Employment

The seriousness of the injury may mean that you will be unable to fulfill employment obligations fully. Moreover, sustained injuries might completely no longer qualify you for your current job. Compensation for the process of finding a new one should be taken into consideration.

Then, there’s loss of congenial employment wherein, after finding a new job, you are unable to have that sense of fulfillment as you did with your previous employer (pre-accident). Even this can be claimed.

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