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If you hire a skip bin for the waste disposal procedure, it is highly likely that you have faced cases where your trash in the skip bin has been infested by pests. This is an extremely likely occurrence for many of the households that take the services of skip bins for hire for their waste disposal. Once the pesky pests infest your property, they attack skip bins in search of some food. What happens next is a lot of your trash that has spilled out of the skip bin, dirtying the entire space in which your skip bin is stored.

Pests are also associated with several harmful diseases that are communicable and they are known to be carriers of these disease-causing germs. Rats and mice are associated with diseases such as the plague as well as the harmful hantavirus. Cockroaches and fleas can be carriers of salmonella, gastroenteritis or dysentery. There are high risks of these pests entering your home and bringing harmful diseases to your household. Many people have allergic reactions to bites from the pests, which needs to be treated.

In order to keep you and your family safe, one needs to take appropriate measures to prevent the pest infestations and also take innovative measures to keep the pests away from the skip bins.

Some of the steps that you can adopt at home with ease include:

Avoid disposing food waste or leftovers in the skip bins:

Given that the pests and rodents invade your home in search of food, they are most likely to scavenge on the leftovers in the trash. In order to avoid pest attacks on the skip bin on your property, the best possible actin that you can take is avoid disposing of the food waste or leftovers in the skip bins. One of the alternatives that you can try out is a kitchen garbage disposal unit, which is an innovative way of disposing the kitchen waste without a risk of a pest infestation. Such a garbage disposal unit is electronically powered and it shreds the food waste for it to pass through the plumbing in your kitchen. Such a system can be set up in your kitchen sinks and will allow you to avoid your skip bin from being attacked by pests.

Always keep the skip bin lid closed
In order to prevent the pests from getting inside the skip bin, it is important that you keep the skip bin covered at all times, even if it is empty at any time of the day. An open bin provides opportunity for the pests to crawl inside the bin easily. This will ensure that the contents of your bin are not scattered even if the bin is inverted by the wind.

Cleaning the skip bins on a regular basis
Pests will usually infest places that are dirty and have a pungent odour. This is why rubbish piles are the most relevant places where one notices the pests roaming around. If you are looking to avoid a pest infestation on your property, it is necessary to make sure that your skip bin is clean and tidy. Using mild chemicals to help clean the bins and bleach or vinegar to remove the odour from the bins are effective techniques that one can easily adopt at home.

Segregate the recyclable items such as plastic bottles and containers
Disposing off these items in your skip bin usually attracts a bad odour that will in turn invite the pests to infest the skip bin easily. In order to keep such a situation from arising, a better method to deal with the situation is to segregate such items and recycle them in a different manner. It will not only help you keep pests away, but also allow you to generate less amounts of waste.

While pests can be a menace, the infestations can be easily controlled by taking the above-mentioned methods and also ensuring a clean and tidy neighbourhood. Skip bins have become an important part of the waste disposal process in Canberra and there are numerous firms providing sturdy and covered bins that are known to prevent pests from attacking the bins. 


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