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Instagram is one of the biggest social networks around the globe. After social network Facebook, Instagram is the biggest one. Mark made a good business move when he brought Instagram for 1 billion dollars six years ago. Only a few entrepreneurs believed in the decision and today it seems that Mark and the whole Facebook’s investor team was correct. Along with Facebook, Mark’s team entirely changed the advertising on Instagram. With the new features, Instagram became the hub of the influencers. Today we will go through types of posts that you should upload on Instagram to get more attention.

Create visually compelling content

First of all, you should create a group of colors. Understand that focusing only on a few colors will lead to getting more attention. When you stay true to particular colors and post images/videos only in chosen colors, you’ll get a name soon. Instagram is getting more about the compelling content, so the color palette is very important.

User generated content

There are many brands that take content from users. For instance, Apple posts the images taken by the iPhone users. If you have followers, then you can ask them to tag your account onto the photos related to your product, service or ideas. User generated content is an easy way to get many followers. Along with new followers, you will need Instagram likes that stick.

Instructions videos

It’s important to instruct your followers. If you sell a product or service, then they may need updates and news about it. So you have to create instructional videos for IGTV. By that way, you increase the usage of IGTV which is a very tool created by Instagram developers. It’s believed that IGTV may be the biggest competitor of YouTube. Experts believe that Facebook videos and IGTV features may soon outperform YouTube in terms of watching minutes.


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