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How to get a great car deal on the car you want in Victoria.

  • Written by Greg Rogers

Are you looking for the best cars for sale in Victoria or most up to date motoring news from Melbourne?

Melbourne motorists now have online access to the best and fastest car search pages to locate the latest motor vehicle news and new car reviews. Victorians can now go online to one website to read up on finance tips, motor industry news and car specifications together with the latest car test reports from motoring writers. Melbourne residents often read up on their own car or the one they want next on the website created just for them.

Anyone looking to buy or find out more about what cars are for sale in Melbourne can now browse online in the vast motor vehicle search database.

Car dealers and private buyers usually visit websites to research the technical features of a car that they are considering buying long before they find the vehicle they want. Using the internet to find a car in a car for sale list helps people to save a lot of time. On this new car for sale search site all of the information car buyers need is there in one place.

Technical specs about new cars and used cars are a vital part of the "what car to buy" decision for sensible buyers who want to learn as much as they can before hunting for a particular model.

Once buyers have made a decision on what brand of car they want the same online car search website has thousands of cars in its vehicle listings for people to consider. The easy to use car search function has dealer cars and private cars for sale together with images, asking prices and descriptions of the cars on offer.

Buyers should check Used Cars 4 Sale Melbourne every day as new stock is added frequently. The site is now the online hub of choice for many car buyers sellers and dealers throughout Victoria.

In addition to details about popular Australian cars, and what cars are for sale, the site gives expert advice on how to finance a car purchase. It is important when hunting for a car to buy by starting online to also look at and inspect cars while backed up by a pre-approved car loan.

With finance in place, buyers can shop within their budget and make a firm offer with a vendor who is looking for a quick sale. Being able to honestly say to a seller that you have the money to pay quickly can save you money and time.

Used Cars 4 Sale Melbourne has access to expert car loan advisors who contribute to the site and are available to give personal advice and arrange the car finance package best suited to each buyer.

It is important to inspect cars in person before buying and the easy search facility enables people to see what cars are for sale in all parts of Melbourne to make the search easy.

An important part of buying a car, getting a car loan and taking delivery of a new car is to make sure that the car is adequately insured. The experts at Used Cars 4 Sale Melbourne can help with a competitive car insurance policy offer that is linked in to the car loan offer.

Visit Used Cars 4 Sale Melbourne to find the best information on cars, what cars are for sale and where to get car finance. Do the research in one place and possibly save money on the car deal, motoring insurance and a car loan.

When considering whether or not to buy a used car in Victoria, there are some investigations that you should undertake.

Here is our guide to buying a used car in Melbourne.

1. Never buy a car without looking at it.

2. Always test drive a car with or without the owner or sales person with you.

3. Check online to see if the vehicle is subject to finance or stolen.

4. Check the vehicle's registration status with Vic Roads

5. Look at the paint work to see if car has been cut and welded together again.

6. Inspect for accident damage.

7. Get a mechanical inspection from the RACV

8. Ask the vendor for the service log book.

9. Contact previous owner to find out its history and condition.

Remember, buying a used car means that it will not be perfect. You can combine all of the information that you obtain from the 9 steps listed above into an informed opinion about whether or not the car is worth the price being asked, is safe to drive and how long it will last for.

It is worth considering that some car finance sources offer a lower interest rate for used cars that are just a few years old. Interest rates can be higher for older cars. It may be that a car finance expert can assist you into an almost new vehicle for less money than an older car.

People should not buy a used car without making the checks listed above and when using car purchase finance to lease, buy with chattel mortgage or with a personal loan, get car finance advice online before  starting to search for a car to buy in Victoria.


Used Cars 4 Sale Melbourne isn’t just about providing endless choice and freedom; it’s also about empowering the customer.

Whether you’re selling or buying for yourself or a dealership, we offer guides and insights so you know you’re getting the best deals on used cars in Melbourne.

Get insider tips and how-to articles on everything to do with used cars from finding the right finance, ensuring you get the best insurance and pitfalls that you can easily avoid.

Used Cars 4 Sale Melbourne doesn’t just save you money and time, but is a complete resource for all things used cars.


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